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100% performance & full service
For your perfect career event appearance!!

Quality you can believe in!

Full Service

At request, we provide exhibitors quality full service to minimize the effort for our customers. We keep to the old saying: “Cobbler, stick to your trade“. Our experienced team is always glad to assist you.

Our subsidiary barlagconcepts  is a competent partner for well-conceived stand construction concepts and the reliable implementation of your next stand appearance. Whether conventionally or individually – with our help, you’ll have the perfect stand! The company is also a quality-conscious supplier in the printing of advertising banners, the production of advertising signs of all kinds or the high-quality labeling of your company vehicles.

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“A career event with a feel-good atmosphere!”

Eine Messe mit Charakter!

…for the perfect career event weekend.

We offer exclusive all-around service: exhibition cafés, the support of our charming hostesses and our attentive service team, cost-free massages by our professional physical therapists, a cheerful get-together for all exhibitors, and much more to ensure your personal satisfaction – along with success and new ideas for your business.


Aussergewöhnliche Locations!

…for an exclusive atmosphere.

Well-lit and inviting exhibition spaces as well as easy accessibility are what we look for when choosing career event locations. These are not only well-known event arenas, but also leading automobile manufacturer dealerships whose impressive architecture creates the optimal setting.

Our trademark:
the red carpet!

Der rote Teppich

…for the perfect appearance.

What would we be without our red carpet!? Several kilometers are laid each year by our agency at the locations selected throughout Germany. We translate “To roll out the red carpet” as:

“To welcome the guest with the highest honors”…

Marketing & PR!

From the start, detailed and comprehensive marketing strategies have underpinned all events organized by the agency Barlag, and our success speaks for itself. Career events profit from our year-long publicity experience and our many media contacts throughout Germany. We guarantee that you’ll be noticed!

We offer

  • Media cooperation with the host cities’ major daily newspapers
  • Publication of an exhibition guide listing all participating companies and providing information on all event activities (in close cooperation with our media partners)
  • Eye-catching advertisements in the host cities’ largest, best-known print media (daily, weekly and monthly newspapers)
  • Advertisement posters in the regions surrounding the host cities



  • Advertising spots on info screens in subway stations
  • Info cards (for example, for schools in advance of the event)
  • Internet presence on our own website, on hundreds of other German sites pertaining to personnel marketing, and on career event calendars
  • Intensive press and public relations activity through our own PR department
  • Individualized marketing strategies through social media, dialogue marketing, promotions and direct marketing

(Subject to change. Differs to some extent according to city.)